Blanket Dry Cleaning

How Can You Dry Clean A Blanket At Home Easily?

Daily clothes are easy to wash at home with normal soaps or detergents. But woolen clothes are difficult to maintain. They are soft, gentle, and easy to care for. So as woolen blankets. They are warm and do not require a   regular wash. 

Some woolen clothes or blankets are labeled as only dry cleaned. Woolen blankets are very easy to stain or damage. It is recommended to wash woolen blankets once in three months. There are many companies out there in the market which provide dry cleaning services. But they are costly. There is one better idea of dry cleaning blankets and that is dry cleaning at home. There are some simple steps to dry clean your blanket at home:

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Before Going To Dry Clean Your Blanket Check These:

  • Air Wool Blanket Outside

Regular air ventilation is the most ideal approach to refresh fleece covers. Take the fleece cover outside and give it a decent shake before draping the cover in a zone where there is an acceptable wind stream. This will relax any residue or soil from the cover.

  • Check For Stains

If there are stains on your wool it is smarter to treat that region first before cleaning up the entire cover. Drop a modest quantity of fluid cleanser and leave it there for at any rate 10 minutes, at that point smear it away with a fabric or paper towel. On the off chance that you need all the more cleaning power, you can utilize non-chlorine fade.

  • Washing

Fill your clothes washer most of the way with cold (faucet) water and add a clothing cleanser. Make certain to break up it all before dousing your downy. It is best not to wash them with other garments, wash downy covers with their preferences, and best whenever joined with comparative tones. Cleansers are not encouraged to be utilized because they will harm the material. Utilize a delicate cycle and flush the covers once again.

  • Drying

Utilize low settings (or low tumble) while drying. Stay away from high settings since it will bring about your wool covers pilling and getting harmed. After the dryer stops eliminate the covers quickly and overlap. Keep in mind, no high warmth, so pressing your covers are not suggested. On the off chance that you can, air-dry your covers outside to have a new smell.

Some Precautions While Dry Cleaning Blankets At Home:
  • Avoid dryer sheets.
  • Water Softener should be used.

Using these steps you can dry clean your blankets at home just the same as dry cleaners. Be careful with stains and water to be used. Don’t use harsh cleansers to wash them. 


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