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What Is The Difference Between Dry Cleaning And Laundry?

The dressing is the first impression that shows your impact on the other person. Your clothing should be ironed and well-cleaned. It is kind of a “must-have” thing for a person to have in a well-mannered society. Cleaning clothes defines two different meanings of washing your clothes: Laundry and Dry Cleaning.

Both indicate the same meaning of cleaning clothes but by different methods.

The basic difference between both the cleaning process is the solvent used. Dry-cleaning does not use water in washing while laundry is used. Dry cleaning uses certain kinds of chemicals to remove stains like oil, grease, and other deep stains. To keep your clothes new and shiny, dry cleaning should be your preference but it costs much. Moreover, an online dry cleaning service is also available. 

On the other hand, laundry is cost-effective and uses normal detergent to clean your clothes. In your area also, there will be many dry cleaning services and laundry services available. But which should be picked? you have to choose wisely according to the demand of your clothes. There are some basic differences between laundry and dry cleaning.

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On basis of these differences, you can choose:

1. Solvent Used

A chemical named Perchloroethylene is most commonly used for dry cleaning clothes. While some of the dry cleaners used hydrocarbons as they are less aggressive than perc. Some other chemicals like Liquid Silicone and Glycogen are also used. On the other hand, Laundry uses normal detergent powders and water as a solvent.

2. Way of Drying Clothes

In the process of laundry, water is removed from clothes by spinning and tumbling them in a dryer. But in dry cleaning, a special kind of machine is used. That is why it is more convenient than traditional dry cleaning methods. It maintains the shape and shine of your clothes and prevents them from shrinking. 

3. Cost Difference

The cost of dry cleaning is more than laundry as dry brushing’s price is a little bit higher than laundry. Also, the chemicals used in dry cleaning are more costly than detergents. Also, dry cleaning is more effective than laundry.

4. Quality Maintenance of Clothes

Certain fabrics like leather, wool, silk are of high-quality and can get damaged while washing with normal water. But dry cleaning keeps those delicate fabrics safe and shiny. Dry cleaning protects your most expensive clothes from lasting longer. 

Dry Cleaning is very important for taking good care of your clothes. The convenient laundry can shrink your clothes that lose their charm. Your fabric can get hard but there will be a freshness in that cloth as water is the prime solvent that is used. But laundry wash can fade your clothes too. Many clothes now get labeled describing how it should be washed. Some fabrics like cotton, nylon, polyester, and acrylic are better laundry wash. They don’t need to be dry cleaned. Now it depends upon your fabric that it should be dry cleaned or laundry washed.


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