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Dry Cleaning In Times Of Coronavirus

The pandemic time of COVID-19 was very harsh for every business. Every businessman was struggling for their income. During the time of this pandemic, cleaning is not sufficient, disinfecting them is also a very important task. Sanitization requires the utilization of synthetic substances that eliminate germs. Sanitizing hard surfaces and materials in the wake of cleaning them can additionally lessen the danger of spreading contaminations. As India begins to reopen, it is predicted that there will be greater demand for dry cleaning.

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In the first place, you need to know a digit about how the dry cleaning cycle functions.

The expression “cleaning” is something of a misnomer, as your garments do get wet ― only not with water. All things considered, a synthetic dissolvable, most generally perchloroethylene, is utilized to clean articles of clothing. Online Dry Cleaning was the only option for the local citizens. It was hazy how long the COVID-19 infection can make due to texture, yet numerous garments have plastic and metal components on which it may live for a couple of hours to a few days. Exercise alert and good judgment. Great practices to consider incorporating taking off your shoes when you enter your home and changing into clean garments when you get back in the wake of being in packed places and washing your hands with cleanser and water quickly subsequently. 

The effect of COVID-19 on cleaning and clothing administrations shifts relying upon the client base.

Organizations that are subject to cleaning business wear are bound to be adversely influenced because of business terminations and the transition to telecommuting. While a few organizations that are more centered around business-to-business deals may consider expanding to be as their clients escalate cleaning endeavors to limit the danger of contamination. Dry cleaning online services are very popular these days. During this COVID-19, people got afraid of these services. They thought that their clothes might get infected with viruses. But we at JMD Dry cleaners provide 100% cleanliness with our work. We sanitized every cloth carefully. Disinfecting every cloth was a priority for us. 

We always try to keep our clients safe and protected from every kind of virus. 

It is suggested that approaching clothing be labeled and left for 24 hours before dealing with to limit the danger of openness to staff. This is because infections can’t generally endure this long on permeable surfaces, for example, materials. Cleaners Association additionally suggests not shaking apparel, utilizing separate crates for dumping grimy and clean clothing, dodging short cycles, and guaranteeing garments are dried altogether. A few organizations are exploring adding extra disinfecting highlights to existing clothing gear to console clients. Such highlights incorporate the infusion of ozone gas into cold water admissions to eliminate microscopic organisms and infections.


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Dry Cleaning

Benefits Of Using Professional Dry Cleaning Services For Your Clothes

Every cloth needs to be washed regularly. But some clothes of specific fabric need to be dry cleaned. We can do dry cleaning of our clothes at home. But there is a difference between professional dry cleaning and dry cleaning at home. Dry Cleaning services nearby you use some special kind of comforter that makes a large difference between professional dry cleaning and domestic dry cleaning. 

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Benefits Of Dry Cleaning Services For Your Clothes

Deep Cleaning

Oil and Grease are the best substances to remove stains and dirt from clothes. We can use them at home for cleaning our clothes but it can harm our clothes in another way. To keep our clothes safe from shrinking and fading, we should prefer professional dry cleaning. Also, it doesn’t cost much to afford. 


Our clothes lose their shine after some wash. Also, there is another very time-consuming task that is ironing. But by professional dry cleaning, it can be done with saving a lot of time and it also keeps the appearance of the clothes like the new ones. Also, you do not need to spend your time taking care of or maintenance of your dryer.

Provide Extra Storage

The livelihood of flats and apartments does not have the storage space for all of your clothes. And you do not want to spend the extra penny on your new closet. Some dry cleaners provide you the closet service too. This means you don’t worry about your winter clothing cluttering up in the summer. They keep your clothes new, shiny, and tidy throughout the year.

Prevention from odors

On the off chance that you can’t get a terrible stench out of your garments regardless of how often you run them through the washer or spritz them down, or if your home as of late endured smoke harm, give the work to the laundry. You could generally lease an ozone machine to deal with the smell, however, that is without a doubt to be a misuse of cash, the cash you’re in an ideal situation spending to guarantee the task is finished right and done intensively the first run through.

Leaving Your job to other

Regardless of whether you have your washer and dryer, doing clothing can take additional time than you may have if you carry on with bustling life. As opposed to worrying over picking the correct cycle, isolating your garments and making sure to place them in the cleanser, and so forth, leave that to the experts. Drop off your garments and let them keep an eye on the better subtleties while you watch out for different commitments in your day to day existence, which makes certain to bring down your general feelings of anxiety.

JMD Dry Cleaners are the best and professional dry cleaners in Gurgaon. We are here for a long time in a market and always appreciated our professional and timely service. We also provide online dry cleaning services for our customers to save their precious time.

Dry Cleaning

What Is The Difference Between Dry Cleaning And Laundry?

The dressing is the first impression that shows your impact on the other person. Your clothing should be ironed and well-cleaned. It is kind of a “must-have” thing for a person to have in a well-mannered society. Cleaning clothes defines two different meanings of washing your clothes: Laundry and Dry Cleaning.

Both indicate the same meaning of cleaning clothes but by different methods.

The basic difference between both the cleaning process is the solvent used. Dry-cleaning does not use water in washing while laundry is used. Dry cleaning uses certain kinds of chemicals to remove stains like oil, grease, and other deep stains. To keep your clothes new and shiny, dry cleaning should be your preference but it costs much. Moreover, an online dry cleaning service is also available. 

On the other hand, laundry is cost-effective and uses normal detergent to clean your clothes. In your area also, there will be many dry cleaning services and laundry services available. But which should be picked? you have to choose wisely according to the demand of your clothes. There are some basic differences between laundry and dry cleaning.

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On basis of these differences, you can choose:

1. Solvent Used

A chemical named Perchloroethylene is most commonly used for dry cleaning clothes. While some of the dry cleaners used hydrocarbons as they are less aggressive than perc. Some other chemicals like Liquid Silicone and Glycogen are also used. On the other hand, Laundry uses normal detergent powders and water as a solvent.

2. Way of Drying Clothes

In the process of laundry, water is removed from clothes by spinning and tumbling them in a dryer. But in dry cleaning, a special kind of machine is used. That is why it is more convenient than traditional dry cleaning methods. It maintains the shape and shine of your clothes and prevents them from shrinking. 

3. Cost Difference

The cost of dry cleaning is more than laundry as dry brushing’s price is a little bit higher than laundry. Also, the chemicals used in dry cleaning are more costly than detergents. Also, dry cleaning is more effective than laundry.

4. Quality Maintenance of Clothes

Certain fabrics like leather, wool, silk are of high-quality and can get damaged while washing with normal water. But dry cleaning keeps those delicate fabrics safe and shiny. Dry cleaning protects your most expensive clothes from lasting longer. 

Dry Cleaning is very important for taking good care of your clothes. The convenient laundry can shrink your clothes that lose their charm. Your fabric can get hard but there will be a freshness in that cloth as water is the prime solvent that is used. But laundry wash can fade your clothes too. Many clothes now get labeled describing how it should be washed. Some fabrics like cotton, nylon, polyester, and acrylic are better laundry wash. They don’t need to be dry cleaned. Now it depends upon your fabric that it should be dry cleaned or laundry washed.


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